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These guys are so fucking cool!!! Thank you for reminding us why we surf.

...lost t.v

  • El Jefe’

    Theres actually some cool pictures in there. No better place in the world to walk around and do nuthin.

    Pretty sure these guys are paid to surf though and they prob missed some good waves while playing Dean Moriarty in NYC.

  • ur face

    Why are you guys such haters, you guys have everything. dont you think so? Sick boards.

  • Hmm

    Cool photos, you are right!

    I just made it my homepage!

    Thanks for the link …Lost, good to see you are supporting these two fine athletes.

  • follow the leader

    I fully support Dion and Warren in their effort to make city life seem cool. Hopefully more surfers move to the city, leaving surfing to us real surfers.