Contest is over. Congrats to San Clemente’s Kolohe Andino who has won the 2011 Under 18 USA Championships at Lower Trestles on his Mayhem shaped surfboard. Kolohe scored a perfect 10 on his last wave of the final. Second place was Ian Gentil who was also riding a Mayhem shaped board. Congrats to all. For complete coverage and results go to SURFLINE.COM.

Check Kolohe’s highlights in the video below.

Kolohe launched his way to a USA Under 18 Championship. Photo: Sean Rowland

Ian Gentil made both the Under 16 and Under 18 finals on his Mayhem shape. Photo: Sean Rowland

Kolohe and coach Mike Parsons. Photo: Sean Rowland

Kolohe chucks his tail. Photo: Sean Rowland

Hawaiian Ezekiel Lau lays down the hammer on his Mayhem shaped board. Photo: Sean Rowland

Kolohe Andino on his Mayhem shape. Photo: Corey Wilson

Maui’s Ian Gentil puts the tail of his Mayhem shape above the lip. Photo: Corey Wilson

Taylor Clark cracks a left on his …Lost surfboard. Photo: Corey Wilson

Kolohe’s nose pick. Photo: Corey Wilson

Ian Gentil carving up Lowers. Photo: Corey Wilson

Kolohe chats with the Miller sisters. Photo: Corey Wilson