2nd Annual …Lost Trestles Downhill Race

Check out the video below of our 2nd Annual Trestles Downhill Race.

Results: If we spelled your name wrong it’s because our video guy couldn’t understand you on the video replay of the self proclaimed oral results or you didn’t spell it out. Leave a comment below or email joseph@lostinternational.net and we will correct it.

Top 15 received a free …Lost SurfSkate

1. Key Dougherty
2. Michael Cozad
3. Joe Maltese
4. Shea Earl
5. Jacob Chan
6. Jacob Vanderwork
7. Austin
8. Ethan Grubbs
9. Andrew Rosco
10. Alexios Fish
11. Jason Brantel
12. Connor Dand
13. Chris Daniels
14. Alex Gant
15. Cory Kidd
16. Jacob Hernandez
17. Mike Maurer
27. Bobaloo
30. Juan-Pablo Porras