BASIC …Lost Boardshorts

Our new line of basic Summer boardshorts have just hit the shelves. Included in this season's boardshorts are five styles that surfer's can actually afford. This summer you can look good, feel comfortable and still have some change in your pocket. Check them out below. To find out who is carrying them go to our Dealer List.

Our lineup of basic boardshorts.

All the boardshorts are supersuede.

Plenty to choose from.

Gorkin showing off his new pair of the Mark 1 in camo.

Gorkin didn't have to pay for these boardshorts but if he did he'd still have enough money to buy this candy bar.

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Close up of the Mark 1 camo.

Gorkin wanted everyone to know who's feet are in this photo.

Close up of Blim Blam boardshorts.

Mark 1


Block Party

Blim Blam

Pirate Stripe