5th Annual Spyder Surf Festival

4/9/12 Yesterday’s 5th Annual Spyder Surf Fest was really fun. The Lost booth was packed with people from 11am-6pm. Here’s a quick rundown of the day-

Etch A Sketch Competition – we picked two people from the crowd and had them go head to head to see who could draw the best Lost Planet.

Hula Hoop Competition- young and old, male and female, the hula competition brought huge crowds every time.

Basketball Free Throw – we attached a hoop to a lost Surfskate deck that hung from our tent and people had to make the basket from about 30’ away. Not that easy.

Surfboard Raffle - Paul brought down two boards for the raffle – his personal V2 Rocket and a used Taylor Clark team board. The Surfboard Raffle brought the hugest crowds and was the icing on the cake of a super day. See the photos below for some of the action.

Hula hoop winner.

Happy prize winner makes a funny face.

Basketball winner and Benny Biggler.

Inventor of the slow motion surf contest video replay: Chuckhilupo.

Etch a Sketch contest.

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Pretty good

Two heads are better than one for Etch a Sketch

Paul from …Lost surfboards with a new V2 Rocket to raffle off.

A very happy surfboard raffle winner rocking his Mason Ho signature boardshorts.

Another stoked raffle winner who got his hands on Taylor Clark's team surfboard.

A few lovely hula contestants.

A young hula hoop winner.