Here are a couple travel tips we picked up while in Tasmania.
1. Rent a 4×4. You’re going to need it. If Makua would have known the driveway to our house was a 20 minute obstacle course of deep ditches and jagged rocks he would have rented a bigger car. He still made it though.
2. If you want to get laid or possibly see a girl in Tasmania you better bring your own.
3. You can drive to Tasmania. The ferry from the mainland is a lovely 12 hour cruise that features your own state room, a big buffet and a casino. (Info for this tip gathered by Chris Ward).
4. Tasmanian Devils look exactly like the cartoon.
5. If Chris Ward is parked down the beach with his girlfriend in the car – approach with caution.
6. It’s not “dry reef” – it’s “dry kelp”.

Check out some of the photos we took with our little camera while in Tasmania videoing for our next movie, “WARd Stories”. Mason Ho and Chris Ward were there for the 6 Star WQS contest. We didn’t see much of Wardo because he was busy driving across the entire Australian continent and then taking a ferry to Tasmania. When he did show up three hours before his heat he left a lasting impression with all of us. While Ward was missing our crew of Mason Ho, Makua Rothman, Kai Barger, Kevin Sullivan and Joel Centieo had plenty of fun of our own, check out some of the photos here. Special thanks to Uncle Pete and Uncle Jacko for the Beach Shack and the home made Tequila.