Video from koloheandino.com. Kolohe just got a nice new quiver of Mayhem shapes to test out before he heads to Australia for a string of contests and his first event as a WT competitor at Snapper Rocks. The waves have been fun in California of late so he’s had plenty of surf to test his boards. Here’s a little session at Salt Creek. He does a rather large air around the 2:20 mark. Video by Noah Alani

From Mayhem’s blog: Both these boards are 5’11” Sub Drivers. both 18.88 2.25 and close to 26.5cl. We have been playing with a few things to get more squirt off the front foot and also keeping the wide tail in the water when doing full hard carves on solid waves. Both of these have a new concave in the front half of the board that seems to do the trick. He is getting even more pop than normal and the tail isn’t drifting as much as we had noticed in the months prior.