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There once was a boy who was short-n-round and he wanted a board to match. Then he slimmed down and all around town everyone still loved the Short Round. 2015 new …Lost surfboard model. @shawshawwww /Shaw Kobayashi

Check out the Shred Show’s review on one of our new models for 2015, the Short Round.

Our latest high performance hybrid. In the tradition of the Rocket and its many knock-offs, the Short Round bridges the gap between easy riding “cheater” boards and the HP shortboard. Tested all around Southern California in the summer of 2014, this board has more than impressed. The buzz about it is spreading fast. The speed comes from a low entry rocker and wide-ish nose, with a forward wide point and generous concave throughout. The performance comes from a moderate, but not flipped up, tail rocker, a double concave through the fins and the same sort of modern bump squash tail that you would find on a typical contest style, small wave HP shortboard. All combined, it doesn’t look like anything fancy and there are no gimmicks, but sometimes less is more, and there is a lot packed into this little board.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 2.04.46 PM
Shaw ripping into a Lowers right during the Oakley Surf Shop Team Challenge April 2014.

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 2.08.59 PM
The Short Round.


1/9/15: Yesterday Kolohe Andino won the first ever Wold Surf League event at Huntington Beach Pier, the Shoe City Pro. It was only a QS 1,000 (that’s what they call WQS 1 stars now) but the cream of the crop of American surfers showed up and few internationals too. Riding his Matt Biolos shaped board Kolohe defeated Brasilian Ian Gouveia in the final. Kind of classic considering Dino Andino and Fabio Gouveia surely had some man-on-man battles in their day. They contest coincided with the end of a two week flat spell that finally saw some chest/head high waves show up to the California coast. Kolohe had this to say about the win, ““I’m stoked to win. This event was really good for me, it just gave me that confident feeling on my board and put me back in a competitive mindset after a little break,” explained Kolohe. “When I was younger I used to do events every weekend and I felt like I would get into a really good rhythm, so that’s kind of what I wanted to do here (WORLDSURFLEAGUE.COM).”

Also, congrats to …Lost surfboard riders Griffin Colapinto (equal 3rd), Ian Crane (equal 5th) and Taylor Clark (equal 5th).


Photo: Kurt Steinmetz/