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magic isle from rory pringle @ conceptblue on Vimeo.

Starring Sheldon Paishon (Johnny-Boy Gomes’ cousin) bloodline exploding out of his skin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

THE PROPHET aka Kevin Sullivan – if you hang out with him for a couple hours you will have abs made of pure golden light from laughing.

Also waves of Mason Ho.

And a couple clips from a surf contest 5 days ago and some other clips of Sheldon and Mason’s island search for a different wave.

Location: Magic Island – Ala Moana Bowls – Oahu – Hawaii.


A little video we lifted off of Julian Wilson’s Facebook. Shot by Mr Jimmy Lees, last year in Bali, on a 6’0.5” F1-Stub. A board model he once called “The best surfboard model in the world”. Thanks Jimmy, we owe ya’ one next time through Ca. And thanks to Jules, for reminding us how well you surf.

This time of year gets me thinking of Bali and a fun little wave called Canggu!

Posted by Julian Wilson on Monday, May 25, 2015