The San Clemente Celebration of Surf event, hosted by Joey Santley from Green Foam, went down last Saturday (9/17) right next to San Clemente skate park. Although the name may fool you, this was not a surf contest. The Celebration of Surf event was a concert combined with a mini outdoor trade show. With local surf companies booths, live music, and a beer garden all in the same zone, everyone had a blast. The …Lost booth was packed with our friends and groms frothing on the 24 grom boards that we pulled from Catalyst for the event….and the team trades that Thunder brought down.

Casey Landvogt, Thunder, Daveyboy, Nikki, and Chucky....who's making the run to the beer garden???
Eye candy.
Noah Beschen paint job.

Old school masterpiece.
Like a kid in a candy store.
Robo and Vince saying hi.
A great cause. And a great paint job.
I hope you guys don't think you're off work yet.
Groms....all these boards are at Catalyst now...just in case you didn't know.
Dino Andino and John Robertson.
Mike Reola with Milton from ...Lost Peru.
Andinos and friends.
Nikki and Mrs. Andino.
Brother signing a board for the boys at the ...Lost surfboard factory.
And this is what he had to say.