C'EST LA VIE! Party Pictures

The party went off last Friday night at Catalyst in San Clemente. People of all walks (from former world champs, pro surfers, local shapers, groms and the usual San Clemente riff raff) showed up to check out the glass and resin surfboard art of France’s own “Lucky Bastards“, take a sneak peak of the new “V2 Rocket” surfboard and have a look at the …lost Spring 2012 clothing collection – not to mention the free booze on hand. Here are a few photos from the night.

Cheese and baguettes anyone?

The visual stimuli of the Lucky Bastard's resin tint/pigment and gloss/polish work.

Taylor Paul, Jye Townend and Matt Biolos

Daddy wants a toy this time.

Mirror shine

Ham and cheese

Believe it or not, Juan Pablo holds the world record for wearing the same sweatshirt – 390 days.

This is what working with resin will do to you

“Chris Brown Wrap Around”

The Dominican's finest Pedro Fernandez

Lindsay Perry plays us a tune.

Chad Shetler, Joe Alani, Johnny Thunderfoot and Dave Lavato.

Kai and Jason Murray

Pelligroso Tequila bar

The man behind the magic

Thunder, Dave, Nick and Jacob

Grom rippers – watch out world.

French board builders “The Lucky Bastards” (Paul and Tristian)

Jye checking the goods.

Discussions and music in the “board room” in the back of Catalyst

…and the beer too.

Party goers.

Launch of the V2

What's a party without Thunderfoot?

Matt Biolos and Drew Brophy checking a quad set up.

Pedro Fernandez and Keone Law

Jammin in the board room

Matt, Jason Arnold and Johnny Thunderfoot

The lovely Lindsay Perry sings a tune.

Free stuff about to come the crowds way.

Joe, Keone and Tracy

Lawrence Quigley – besides Matt and Mike, he was …lost's first designer. Without him – Matt and Mike would probably have “real” jobs by now…

The girls collecting tickets for the raffle – grand prize was a surfboard.

Peligroso Tequila supplying the drinks.

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These V2 Rockets won't destroy London but they will destroy plenty of waves.

Corey, Jacob, Shea and Mason.

Some guy in a Peligroso Tequila hat

“Does anyone have my stapler?”

Hayden and Lindsay

Tom Morin – he ordered a board and listed his experience as “really good at drinking”.


Eddie Doyle

Jackie Miller

Daddy's little monster – in control.

Kai and Jason

Cami, Tracy and Juan Pablo.

Davey Boy and Thunderfoot

Team Catalyst – Jake's girl couldn't stop talking about Cheeseburgers.

Chad Shetler

We're thinking Lindsay may have a bald spot because she always wears a beanie.

“The Lucky Bastards” and Jason Arnold

Joe and Ketara.


This blurry photo is what the bartender actually looked like after a couple drinks. Thanks AJ! Drag your pops and brother out next time.

Brad Kingsley

Cody and Jacob


The Nelson Brothers

Coke Pozo and Dolores from Chile

Paul and Tristian love America.

The real house wives of San Clemente.

Jen and Aaron

Lindsay and Jye

This is actually Juan Pablo's first meal since eating 43 hot dogs at our last party.

Hilary, Juan Pablo and Tina

Dave Giddings makes his way through the crowd.

Kelly and Charmaine

Nicky-Boy and Davey-Boy


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