Well, if you consider our team guy’s floor in California paradise then he is. When you grow up on the North Shore surrounded by the best surfers in the world you tend to pick up a few tips along the way. Here are a few we’ve learned from Burger during his short stint in California. Aspiring pros from Hawaii should be taking notes.

#1. When you’re staying at the team manager’s house it really doesn’t matter if you drink a bunch of beers and then lose your wallet with all the money for your trip. After all they’re sponsoring you.

#2. Besides the wallet thing don’t rely on your sponsors for anything. They’ll usually just tell you there’s no budget or that marketing has shut down promo.

#3. That NSSA standout you burned at Rocky Point will still let you borrow his wax. He has to be nice to you because his sponsors are going to force him to surf there again next winter.

#4. Don’t bring any surfboards. Airlines charge way too much and besides… where do you think they make the f*cking things?

#5. IN-N-OUT has the best Cheeseburgers.