The style that Chris Ward throws down on a frontside lip bash is one that not many surfers can match. The only way that you can inherit this is either watch him surf regularly and keep trying to get it down, which no matter how long you went at it, would still be a major challenge. But wait……what if Chris Ward had a major role in teaching you how to surf. ¬†Even better, what if Chris Ward was your dad! Here’s a shot that we found of Chris and his daughter Malia each doing a frontside snap. You can tell by the photos that Malia has inherited some serious style from her father. We’re going to be stoked to see her surf in the years to come.

Here’s another stat about this photo. Malia is wearing her lucky rash guard that is actually dear old Dad’s 2007 PIpe Masters jersey. That year daddy needed to get to the quarter finals at Pipeline to re-qualify for the World Tour. He beat Shane Dorian, Gavin Gillete, Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater (in that order) to make it to the semi-finals where he finally went down to Pancho Sullivan. The next year he finished 2nd.