2010 Cold Water Classic

10/24/10 – Mason Ho made it all the way to the quarter final but was taken out by Matt Wilkinson who ended up winning the 2010 Cold Water Classic.

Photo Ryan Craig/ For full results and info on the 2010 Cold Water Classic click here Surfline

10/23/10 – Mason Ho finishes equal 5th at the Cold Water Classic. Mason took out Granger in round 5 to advance himself into the Quarter finals! Stay tuned… Mason surf again in heat #2 of the quarter finals.

10/22/2010: Mason was able to throw down some nice turns and get the score he needed to advance into the Round of 16 where he will surf man on man format against Granger Larsen for a spot in the quarter finals.

(earlier update) – Mason Ho laid down some carves and a couple airs on the inside to defeat Dane Gudang and Tommy Whits and advance into the three man round of 24. He’ll probably surf later today if they run the next round. He’s in heat 4.

10/21/2010: Mason advanced in his heat this morning and is now  into the round of 48. He said he didn’t feel himself but still managed to squeek through. Ward put on a good performance with some impressive surfing but just couldn’t get a wave to better his score. We thought he got underscored on his 4.1  ride (duh, of course we do). Pete Mel described Ward as “attacking the lip” and seemed pretty impressed in person. We’re no judges but we’ve seen about a million video clips to know that was at least a 5. Ward lost by 1.1 points. Some paddling mistakes probably cost him the heat regardless.  …Lost Surfboards rider, Luke Davis, advanced out of his heat as well as Cory Lopez and Kolohe Andino on their “Scorcher” Mayhem Shape.  All are into the round of 48.

10/20/2010: Contest is off for the rest of today. Check back tomorrow for the call at 7:30 am to see if the contest moves in to the round of 96. (Earlier Post: Contest is on. Finishing the round of 128. They may or may not run the next round. Keep you posted.)

10/19/2010: Contest called off for the day. Mason surfed small Steamer Lane while Ward watched from the cliff with Dad (Michael Ho).

10/18/2010: Update – Mason Ho and Chris Ward advanced out of their heats today. They’ve been surfing together a lot in San Clemente leading up to this contest and they both seemed to have a little extra flair in their surfing today. They were having so much fun together in SC that they decided to drive up to Santa Cruz together. Mason has won out here before and Ward loves a good right hand point break so lets hope they can both channel their enormous talent into a good result. Mason was riding a 5’11” Scorcher model that he borrowed from Kolohe Andino before he left San Clemente. We have no idea what Ward was riding. Last time we saw him he was riding a 6’1″ F1 Stub at Lowers but he doesn’t tell us much so we’re just gonna guess and say it was that same board. Our web/vid guy blew it today when he forgot to record Ward’s heat and Dave Stansfield said, “Before Dane and Jordy there was Ward. When he first came on tour and got 2nd at Snapper Rocks he changed the face of competitive surfing”. Something like that.

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic kicked off this morning at Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane in Northern California. The contest attracts some of surfing’s most talented performers who have come to battle it out in the chilly frigid waters to take the win and the coveted title. Look for standout surfing from the locals, the groms, the WCT guys, and …Lost’s very own Mason Ho, and Chris Ward.

Mason and Ward headed up to Santa Cruz a couple days early to get some practice time in before the rest of the circus showed up and it proved to pay off as both Mason and Ward advanced through the round of 128 and into the round of 96.

Look for Mason to blow it up in Heat #5 in the round of 96 and Ward to do some damage in heat #7 in the round of 96