From Dane Reynolds on his website: marinelayerproductions.com

“pear shape 1: maiden twin fin/baby trailer design. main inspirations: tom curren's surfing. particularly on small boards such as the fireball fish. also tom curren's shaping segment in the movie 5'5″ 19 1/4″ – 'are you using curves?' 'not at all, you don't use any curves, it's all eyeball, curve scissors thats your curve, hold it out and look at it, you got any bumps even em out.' and of course 5'5″ 19 1/4″ itself. cory lopez and chris ward's surfing was mega influential for me as a kid and the surfing they did on that board was iconic. of course this is a feeble attempt at channelling anything since my boards turn out more like a doodle than a masterpiece, but if one session on the sunshine coast is any indication, it seems to bear a little bit of magic somewhere, buried under the lumps and divots and flat spots that would make a true craftsman cry.”

Available from Channel Islands Surfboards soon.

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