photo courtesy of surfermag.com

Everybody has their favorite surf movies, even the guys that are in every surf movie. The people at Surfer Magazine asked Mr. Dane Reynolds what his favorite surf flicks are and low and behold we made 2 of his top 5. We’ll take it. Check out Dane’s picks below plus a little section from one of his favorite vids.

4) …Lost at Sea: “Oh man, that day at Lance’s Right—I’d dream of that shit. There’s lots of memorable surfing here. Chris Ward’s tube-riding and airs at Lance’s…actually everyone’s surfing at Lance’s. And that session at Thunders, where Andy and Wardo are trading off barrels and getting all competitive. There’s a section of Cory Lopez at Macaronis surfing better than anyone on Earth.”

5) …Lost Across America: “The Ventura section. It was like, ‘Holy shit, I surf with these dudes every day, and here they are in a real surf video!’ A sick surf video. Pro surfing seemed so attainable. I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, I was out that day. I saw that happen, and now I’m watching it in a surf video.’”