Sure, everyone knows being the video guy is ultra-glamorous. You get to hang with all the pros and it’s filled with nights sleeping in the rent-a-car because your pro is in the room with the chick you talked to all night or endless days spent sweating out your hangover while that same pro lifts his arms and rejoices after every barrel (on your board). But hey, eventually all the extravagance and romance has to end and you have to earn that huge paycheck and make a movie… or at least a couple web vids. Taylor Steele has his Bali Mansion, Kai Neville probably edits in a Hollywood night club and we have this…


Black and white photos. See, we’re artsy too.

Still the only video guys using PC and the same monitors from the first movie.

Video guy sleeping quarters.

Equipment Department

Only one guy in the company even knows what to do with these cables.

Plenty of footage.

It’s controlled chaos. And you wonder why we only put out videos every 5 years.

Mike is not only the owner he’s also one of our biggest clients. Seriously we didn’t set this up, he really drank all these.

Diligent note taking.

Beta Masters for all the old vids.

The vast …Lost video archive. If you surfed Lowers any day in the 90’s you probably have a wave somewhere in these tapes.

This is a recent addition taken from the old …Lost Surfboard warehouse.

Chris Ward is actually the only guy that does any work in this place.