8/27/2011: Power just turned back on in our hotel in Virginia Beach. It’s been out since this morning. We decided to ride out the Hurricane here in our beach front rooms… the room is still here but the beach isn’t. The hotel emptied out after Kolohe Andino and Luke Davis battle it out in the 4 Star WQS final, taking 1st and 2nd place on their Mayhem shaped boards. Kolohe’s dad Dino won the same contest in 2002 against Adriano de Souza while he was Adriano’s team manager at Oakley. Since the sneak peek of WARd Stories last night at the Side Street Cantina we’ve been hiding out in the hotel room eating, drinking beers and watching Irene wash the beach away. Check out some of the photos below from the Hurricane and the one sunny day we had down at our booth before the city shut it down.

Aaron Cormican and his Hurricane Irene Supplies

Virginia Beach pre Hurricane Irene.

Virginia is for lovers and people like Nick Guilarte

“Hold your breath”. Don’t worry it’s completely safe.

Which one is Gorkin again?

The people of Virginia where getting …Lost stencil tattoos all day long.

Shaka’s in VB

The skate ramp was going off before Irene stopped the party.

Don’t watch kid

The booth before Irene forced us to shut her down.

Dougie Van Mierlo keeping the line moving.

Chad Shetler thinking about a surf during Irene

Mike getting interviewed by the local news outside of Tony’s Surf Shop in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Kolohe and Luke hug it out after a close final

Kolohe takes the win.

Kolohe on the front page of the sports section.

Dougie Van Mierlo during the usual ECSC madness before Irene hit.

Nick Guilarte, Aaron Cormican and Chris Todd winding down after a day at the …Lost booth.

Nick Guilarte and Tommy Obrien getting ready to fly their kite in Irene