The most iconic band to ever come out of San Clemente is playing Friday night back home at the OC tavern. Just a stones toss from Trestles, right where they belong. When I first moved to SC in 1987 these guys were everything. We would all pile into cars each weekend and go to wherever they played shows. The brainchild of SC artist, Roy Gonzalez, the band was (and is) comprised of SC Locals: Dave Paskowitz, Shane Anderson, Sean Spencer and John Fields.

In the late 80’s Herbie Fletchers Astrodeck “Wave Wariors” surf videos were some of the most popular in our culture and Johnny Monster songs were laced throughout them. Most surfers learned of the band this way.

The music was campy rock with Dave a fantastic front man who can actually sing. They always put on a great show. Shane always had theatrical ideas built into the sets with costumes and props galore. One of the all time highlights of San Clemente culture for me was one Holloween around 1990 maybe they played in the Historic Miramar Theater, across the street from where we all worked at Herbie Fletcher (Now Catalyst) Surf Shop. They had been touring with Gwar and that band loaned them the blood pumps they they so famously use in all their gore filled shows. The boys got ahold of these full on Hollywood style KISS outfits, hooked up the blood machines into them and proceeded to play a set of campy, theatrical, bloody rock n roll beauty, where everyone in the first 5 rows left covered with stage blood and knew we saw some thing special.

Come to the OC Tavern Friday night and relive a bit of that with us. Heres a link from a JM show from ‘91 to wet your whistle, and I uncovered a few classic photos as well.

Thanks to Timmy Patterson for making this special reunion treat come together for us all.

Getting ready for the classic show at the Miramar Theater

This iconic logo (By Roy Gonzales) bleeds San Clemente.