Julian Wilson Takes 2nd at France WT

…on his Mayhem shaped surfboard. Brazilian wonder kid Gabriel Medina wins. It was a close one though. Julian was in the lead after he pulled another backside board varial thing like Lowers for an 8.5 then scored a 7.6 for a big frontside air reverse. With under 3 minutes remaining and needing an 8.28 the young Brazilian pulled out two airs on one wave for a 9.17 and the win. Julian may have made a tactical error when Gabriel caught a wave with under 5 minutes remaining while Julian had priority. Julian dropped in on Gabriel but took a line that avoided the Brazilian, Gabriel kicked out and avoided the interference call and was in perfect position out the back for his 9.17 that ended up winning him the final. Had Julian just ran straight into Gabriel (ala Freddy P vs Mick Fanning in Tahiti) he would have drawn the interference and won the contest. The final also featured Julian getting flipped on the jet ski on is way back out. Congrats to both surfers. Portugal up next.


Watch the entire final by CLICKING HERE

Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson

Jordy Smith and Julian Wilson

Julian carved…

and aired his way into the final.

The Brazilian wonder kid takes another win. This time on the big stage.

Podium finish

Julian and Gabriel. Two stoked kids.

Julian’s big frontside air in the final.