K5 Game of Skate

The  K-Five store in Poway, Ca was the place to be over the weekend with over 3o skaters throwing down their best moves in the annual  game of  S.K.A.T.E. With $500 in cash prizes groms like Will Fyock, Diego Najera, Brendan Villanuva, and  …Lost Am Autin Zito were all making it look way too easy! In the end it was Will Fyock and his endless bag of tricks that gave him the win taking home a pocket full of cash and boat load of product.  Also supporting the cause  companies had their tents set up all hosting  carnival themed games giving out free product and stickers but it was the …Lost tent taking it to the next level by passing out live fish for the beer pong game without the beer. Check out the photos of the K-5 event here.

Click here for more photos from the event