…Lost at ECSC Video Recap

Check out the 2010 ECSC video and photo gallery to see what really went down at the …LOST booth

DAY FOUR UPDATE: Well it’s official. We now have two US Opens. This one reminds me of how the US Open in Huntington USED to be, when you saw many companies down on the beach jockeying each other to try to do the most creative advertising, capture the most attention or generally make the most impact with the thousands of potential consumers (kids) that are looking for a good time. This was all apart of HB before the Nike era, when a company came into our action sports industry and basically bought their way into cool. Ironic how one coast has a winner which gets $100,000 and another has a team rider getting $3500.

Heck even, the extra “hip”retro longboarders that Vans paid just to show up were getting $4000 for first place. (I thought contests weren’t hip anyways?) The overall event was really great to be apart of as most of the people on the beach had never been to something that big before. Skate vert ramps, FMX demos and twin stages with bands and bikini contests. There was even a large section down the beach for skimboard competition and tournament ‘cornholers’. I highly recommend booking your ticket for next year as this is a sight you’re going to want to see firsthand! We’ll see you there!

Special thanks to D and the entire crew from Costal Edge for growing the event and making it possible!

DAY THREE UPDATE: Yesterday was the peak of the turkey season. Every funny, crazy, and amazing thing you can imagine seeing on the beach… was down here. First street at Virginia Beach brings all kinds of oddities, and there was some good surfing mixed in there as well. The surf was solid and overhead (another oddity), the weather was hot, but not death scorching. All in all, the day was great! Tens of thousands collected themselves along the shoreline to all get a look at each other.

It seems like many of these teenagers were intense/frantic for one reason or another, and when I asked one of the contest organizers why we were seeing so many fights and angry kids he replied, Monster energy. Makes sense. Gorkin is looking good for another title as a few of our other hopefuls got knocked out of competition. Anyway, everyone is coming down the home stretch as Sunday is the last day of fun and usually symbolizes the near end of Summer here in VB. A full report will be filed Monday and next week we’ll see an amazing video wrap up of all the shenanigans. Check the newly updated photos, which are only a fraction of everything that is here to see!

DAY TWO UPDATE: It’s getting hot in here.. You would think they couldn’t cram any more kids into one spot, but it seems they’ve come from near and far… and very far to check out this years ECSC. Our team rider Ian Bloch lost out in some wind driven sloppy surf so he spent the rest of the day spray painting peeps with the crew…(poor guy). The main mens division kicks in tomorrow morning. There was a really shit house tow at session today but a few kids were able to throw a punt or two. We’re all taking a breather before the big party tonight, then ready for another round battle tomorrow.. Keep checking back to see if your friends made it onto the web photo gallery..or just to find stuff you like to look at!

DAY ONE UPDATE: We really don’t consider Wednesday the first day, even though the first heats of surfing started then.. Ian Bloch made it through some heats today, but most of our better surfers are seated till Saturday. Gorkin spent his lay day helping us spray stencil anything that moved, while Nick Guillarte and Jody Davis ran point on the two tents. Ultimate stud and staff employee Chad Shetler rocked the DJ  responsibilities and was nicknamed ‘the Champ of Stamps’.

The stirred up crowd got into some fights, including a couple girls captured in the photo section mid brawl! A total of about 30,000 peeps must have either been stamped, spray logoed or just filtered through the fun today..and it isn’t even the weekend yet! The crew at Costal Edge have grown this thing into a full blown circus, rivaling that of the US Open. If you’re anywhere near here you got to get down for the next few days, but if you’re stuck somewhere else, check back online to see how our the shenanigans and if Gorkin goes on to defend his title!

Check out the 2010 ECSC photo gallery here and see if you made it on the website. The gallery is open to you guys to send us your pics as well so upload your funniest, craziest, weirdest pics from ECSC and you might win a prize pack! 3 Lucky people who post the best photo, as determined by us, will receive a prize pack! So get those iPhones ready, link up to the lostenterprises.com site with your facebook, and make us laugh, cry, or scream if you wanna win some free gear!

Girl fights already!

Gorkin doing some work

ORIGINAL POST: The …Lost crew and team are posted up in Viginia Beach for the 2010 ECSC surf contest and event going on August 25th-29th. Look for the …Lost tents and zone and get yourself free stencil tattoos, stickers, posters, autographs, giveaways, energy drinks, and cause some chaos on the beach! We’ll be down on the sand partying and raging with the masses of beach goers coming out to watch some of the east coasts best surfers going for the win.

Be sure to check back on the site as we will be adding event photos in the coming days. According to the heat sheets on the event website Gorkin will be surfing at 7:00 am ET on Saturday August 28th so be sure to go support and make some noise for him! Also be sure to get the info on our ECSC party getting ready to go off Friday night at Side Street Cantina!

Check out the official event website here…