It’s the first motocross cover …Lost has ever gotten, but on the November issue of Racer X mag there is a clear …Lost rider featured. Look close..Don’t see it?… Look closer.. Yep, there it is, plain as day… …Lost surfboard team rider Ian Walsh is doing a backside hit and his …Lost logo is just barely visible between his legs, on the center of his board. While the surf shot on the cover is the lead in for the story on the Surfercross, (a cross over event where riders race the first day, then surf the second for a combined point total score), we’re still pretty sure Ian will hit us up for some kind of photo incentive anyway..
...Lost Racer X

Still, stoked on the shot on the cover as well as in the story spread.. Also take a close look at the photos in the story spread.. You can just make out …Lost team rider/driver Jeff “OX” Kargola doing a frontside turn in his surf heat. OX is fairly decent at surfing, (growing up in San Clemente), but there are a host of other pro and semi pro dirt bikers that almost drown every year. That being said, past pro surfers have broken bones and blown out ligaments ending their contest seasons. Like I said, a good time to be had by all….