…not only can golf clubs help you hit a little white ball over a field of grass it can also be used as a camera mount. Professional fun guy and videographer Noah Alani and …Lost SurfSkate rider Juan-Pablo go on a downhill skate run in San Clemente with Noah’s GoPro camera strapped to the end of a golf club. We’re not sure what Noah is riding but Juan-Pablo is on his …Lost SurfSkate pro model – the “Blacksheep Bomber”. Juan-Pablo was also testing out his new leather suit that he is borrowing from his friend so it’s not really his but he’s going to use it in his race next weekend. Check the video below.

Here’s some more of Noah’s video work below. He’d probably have more vids out if he wasn’t messing around on his skateboard all the time.
Kolohe Andino at Lowers
Luke Davis at Lowers