…Lost in Huntington Beach

Many will argue that the city they live in is the real “Surf City”. And rightfully so. Every surf town in the world, to the surfers that live there, is their “Surf City”. But although there are dozens of contenders in California alone, mainly Santa Cruz and San Clemente (which both have a crazy surf vibe with good waves, talented surfers, and surf shops all over the place), Huntington Beach is still considered the official “Surf City” of California. And why not? 3 seasons out of the year you can wake up, head straight to the beach without even checking the waves, get some fun peaks (most of the time), and by the time you’re done with your morning session, you can scope out hot chicks in bikinis on the sand or on Main street on the way to your car or house! And you can even do this half the time during the winter. Sure there are a few other places that you can do this as well, but Huntington Beach also hosts the biggest surf contest in North America, where every year new legends of the surf world mark their territory on the Surfing Hall of Fame.
Out of the large talent pool in HB, we are lucky enough to have a handful of surfers in the area that represent our brand in the water, at the surf shops, and even at the local bars. Here’s some photos of our HB team….

Bud Llamas revolutionized surfing in the 80's and early 90's....Bud runs 17th Street Surf Shop along with Jerry Mulford.
Jesse Evans grew up as a NSSA standout and took it to the next level in the more recent years, with nuts video sections and photos in numerous magazines. When he's not surfing, Jesse works at a raging local bar as well.
Teddy Navarro rides only ...Lost boards. This is the cover of the surf film "California, For Better Or Worse"..2010
Chucky Rigano (aka "Chuckillupo") has been surfing HB since he moved to the area in 1996 and has had a surf photo of him archived on the wall at Gallaghers Pub for about 7 years now.

Tim “Hendo” Henderson is the man in HB and Costa Rica. Hands down…a HB legend. photo: John Lyman
Just like Hendo, Red is the man in HB or Costa Rica or wherever he goes....Rojo's always on tour.
Clay Crandal is a local kid who charges big waves and can still boost airs at the pier on any given day. Clay also works at Jacks Surf Shop. photo:Joe Foster/Surfline
Marco Passaquindici has the hardest last name to pronounce since Strider, and has been getting some shots boosting at the pier lately by Joe Foster.
Drew Middleton manages Katin Surf Shop and represents for North HB.
Joe Paterno represents for North HB along with Drew and is a local standout at the beachbreak up that way.
Although he now surfs for other companies, Ryan Carlson was a major part of ...Lost growing in Huntington. Check out his section in 5'5 Redux.

Luckily, our sales rep in the area,  Benny Bigler, is well liked by the surf shop industry and has managed to get …Lost in to the core shops of  Huntington Beach. You can find …Lost clothing at:  Jacks….17th Street Surf Shop….Rockin’ Fig….Sakal….Katin….and at the HSS Bella Terra and Warner locations. All of these stores also carry …Lost Surf Skates.

You can find …Lost Surfboards in HB at Jacks on Main Street or Katin Surf Shop in North HB.