The new “Party Wave” tee is part of our Summer 2012 collection – in stores now. Every surfer has heard the cry of “Party Wave!” and despite our normal selfish ways sometimes it's fun to share a wave with someone. In the famous words of Owl Chapman, “Give a wave, give a smile, meet a friend, be nice to them, find out where they live… they might have a good looking sister”. Why not just let your intentions be known and meet that good looking sister with this T-shirt. To find out where you can get your hands on this item check out our DEALER LIST. See more “Party Waves” below…

Mason Ho loves a good party wave and always gives a smile… he probably meets a lot of good looking sisters too.

Mason getting ready to give Brazil the party wave treatment during the ASP Prime event coming up.

Comes in lime green…

…and orange and yellow too.

Guiness book of party waves.

If Rocky Point is the Mecca of party waves then C

heeseburger is the messiah.

Mason learned how to party wave from Burger.

Second only to Rockies is Lowers. Here Kei Kobayashi and Griffin Colapinto demonstrate.

Party waves can be sexy too.

Even threat of an interference can't stop some surfers from having a party wave. Kolohe Andino and Dylan Goodale at the US Open.

Luke Stedman and Chris Ward: Pipeline party wave.

Wardo parties with the champ…

…and with the Coast Guard.