It’s been about two years since we released 5’5″ Redux so to really wow our bosses and make up for lost time we decided to release three videos in one summer. Check out all three videos/teasers below. The first one we already released online (because no one buys DVD’s anymore) called “Lost Interest”. Thanks Dane. The second one we are calling “Lost Atlas” and will be premiering in the streets at the US Open. Thanks Kai for making the movie on our shoe string budget. And finally WARd STORIES. Scheduled for really really late summer. We thought it would be a little over kill so we left the word “lost” out of this one.

To watch “Lost Interest” go to MARINELAYERPRODUCTIONS.COM

The watch the teaser for “Lost Atlas” CLICK HERE

We don’t have a teaser for WARd STORIES because our video productions team is frantically trying to finish the actual movie. Here’s a mock-up poster.