Sunrise Surf Shop Jacksonville Beach, Florida

“Sunrise Surf Shop has been supporting Northeast Florida’s surf scene since 1975. An avid sponsor of up-and-coming talents, Sunrise has yet to lose sight of what’s most important… the local surf community. This philosophy is what’s kept Sunrise Surf Shop labeled as Northeast Florida’s favorite surf shop.”

-Straight off their front page of their website, this statement right here is one of the reasons why we’re giving shop of the week to Sunrise Surf Shop in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Sunrise surf shop is located three blocks from Jax Beach Pier, and always knows when the waves are good.The owner Dan Brooks is a super core guy, and has always been involved in giving back to the local surf and ocean community. The Sunrise Surf Team also rips, and has won numerous shop surf contests in the past such as the Quicksilver Surf Shop Challenge, the red Bull Rivals, and more recently won their fourth regional Oakley Surf Shop Challenge.

Dan Brooks

“We’ve been a pretty big part of the community for years,” said Brooks, who’s worked at Sunrise since the ’70s and bought the business in 1983. “Jacksonville is a pretty good-sized city and most of our business is repeat customers and local surfers. The majority of our employees are good surfers, really knowledgeable, and good salesmen.” – Sunrise’s Dan Brooks

Sunrise Surf Shop just received a new order of …LOST Surfboards, and is also beginning to carry …LOST Clothing as well. Stop by and say what’s up to these guys, grab a new mag, check out some new boards, ask them about the swell, whatever your surf needs these guys got you covered.

Sunrise is stocked

“I’d encourage everybody to support your favorite surf shops — the guys that are giving back to the industry. Just stand behind those shops and keep your money out of the malls.” -Dan Brooks

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