Last Friday we all headed down to Anderson Street in Sunset Beach for a …Lost surfboard demo along with Body Glove Wetsuits and Future Fins. The waves weren't exactly pumping but there were a few surprise sets that came through and it turned out to be good day to try out all our small wave models. Check out some of the pics below. For more on all our …Lost surfboard models CLICK HERE

Demo Days from SME Live on Vimeo.

Perfect day to try out the grovel models.

Anderson Street local Benny Biggler setting the kids up.

We teamed up with Body Glove and Future Fins on this one. Boards, wetsuits, fins… what else do you need?

The Inflight crew – Brandon and McBride.

Lawrence V, Jason Hoey and Bobby Baker – Bud Tour rippers still ripping.

stop smoking

very loves a free Lost tee” width=”640″ height=”640″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-9005″ />
Stoked grom gets one of our new “Eclipse Too” tees.

Cheyne Magnusson and Mikey Vavak from Body Glove.

Break out the grovel models – still better than nothing.

The Baker family.

…Lost and Futures boardshort collaboration – coming soon!

Jex and Mike from Body Glove

Wax it up grom

Come down to Anderson Street in Sunset Beach, CA from 8AM – NOON on Friday June 15th. You can demo all the new …Lost surfboard models, Body Glove wetsuits and Future Fin designs for FREE! Bring a valid ID.