For the groms …LOST Surfskates put on a Grom Slalom Challenge at this years Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo, October 8 & 9 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The contest went off and we had groms from all over ripping up the slalom course. The course was located just outside the doors of the Sacred Craft expo, where the worlds leading shapers were displaying their new surfboards and designs. The Grom Slalom Course had two roll ins straight into slalom cones where the groms had to carve their way through to victory. The event held two types of heats, timed runs, and head-to-head competition, which provided a very entertaining and exciting atmosphere. There was no shortage of shredding as these groms came out to do work, and the top 6 groms left stoked and smiling clutching some brand new …LOST Surfskates on their way out.

Grom Slalom Challenge VIdeo


Mixing it up with an air revo

Grom Style!