Yes, before everyone realized it was a selling point to go green, …lost was already practicing what everyone is now preaching. It is very clear that no petro-chemicals were being used and that water conservation was a top priority. Plant and animal life was thriving as well in the old …lost bathroom. Watch this clip of a young Matt Biolos videotaping David Lee a.k.a. “L.S.Dave” during one of his many rants at the old Lost house. L.S. was working for the famous surfing dog Malia Majica Mohammed Budweiser III. In fact it was Malia who wanted Dave to deliver this message. Now thanks to the internet – Majica’s message might live on forever. While we are not sure if Matt is secretly ruling the world on videotape, he has become a pretty good shaper since this video was released in 1999… and L.S. Dave – last we saw he was selling used cars.