8/1/2011: The sneak peek of WARd STORIES and Arnette party went down at the Newport Brewing Company last Saturday. Thanks to Arnette and Shorescrew. We’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Our army of web technicians are putting them up right now so they’ll be going up all day.

Mason Ho’s customized WARd STORIES shirt.

Cory Lopez, Mason Ho and Jason Hatch recalling some of their favorite Ward stories.

Chris Walker, Cheeseburger and Keone Law.

Ketara, Tracy and Malia

Volcom’s Joe Huebner and Chris Walker (Walker lets Mason and Burger crash at his house when they are in town).

Ketara and Joe Alani – the co-editor of Ward Stories.

Jason Hdez and Pedro Fernandez made their way up from San Diego county for the party and ended up crashing at Joe’s.

Lost surfboard’s Johnny Thunder, Cory Lopez, Metal Jimmy and Chucky Rigano.

Volcom’s Joe Huebner, Kurt Thayer and the crew from Frog House.

Cory Lopez, Joe Alani, James Lugo, Johnny Thunder and Jason Hatch enjoying some beers after the show.

Some happy party goers.

Joe, Kurt and the Frog House crew. They like beers.

Ford Archbold, Metal Jimmy, Mason Ho and friends.

Ford and Cheeseburger strong arming Brent from Arnette for more free stuff.

Burger has developed a serious taste for Mexican beers after he recent trip to Puerto.

The Newport Brewing Company

Ward Stories co-star Mason Ho and Keone Law (who shot some of the waves in Mason’s section).

Cory, Mason and Hatch

The Arnette after party.

Toby Lehman out of beer but still happy.

The video wasn’t in 3D but Kurt wanted it to be.

Alan Eredia – this guy rips.

Beandip, Sticky and James Lugo

These guys were super amped the team guy finally bought them a beer.

Chris “The Landlord” Walker, Mason Ho and Keone Law

Newport ripper Victor Done and …Lost rider Theo Lewitt.

Videographer and jack of all trades Noah Alani and Alan. Alan can recite every line if 5’5″ Redux.

Ward wasn’t there (he’s in Bali competing in the Rip Curl Padang event) but he still managed to have a couple beers.

Beandip and Cheeseburger. These two make a big meal.

Cory Lopez, Mason Ho and Jason Hatch – these guys have experienced many real life Ward Stories.

Lovely girl with Echo Beach director /Newport legend Jeff Parker and Ford Archbold

Chuckhillupo always gets the chicks.

The guy on the right is Venezuela’s #1 downhill skateboarder – Juan Pablo.

Alan again. This guy is everywhere.

Scott “Spides” Madison and Juan Pablo

James Lugo and Dustin Hein laugh it off.

The Dominican Republic’s Pedro Fernandez and Mason Ho.

…Lost’s Brandon Loeffler (in the middle) and friends.

Brandon Loeffler, Kris Bareng and Joe Alani

Peason Castner and friend.

Shorescrew’s Kurt Thayer and James Lugo

Sticky, Charlotte and Toby Lehman.

Ketara, Omar and Christina

Jason Hdez and Pedro Fernandez all smiles

Daniel Shea

Jason Harris, Joey Head and friend.

Mason Ho and Matt Wilkinson.

Cory picked up a couple boards for the US Open from Thunder.

7/31/11: The sneak peek of WARd STORIES and Arnette party went off last night at the Newport Brewing Company.

Come by the Newport Beach Brewing Company this Saturday, July 30th and sneak a peak at some raw cuts from our forthcoming movie “WARd STORIES” – true tales of the world’s most interesting surfer. Starring Chris Ward, Mason Ho, Aaron Cormican and many others. Yes, we’ve actually been working on it. After the sneak preview of our movie Arnette is going to throw another classic party in Newport complete with product giveaways and drink specials. Also, bonus footage and more un-seen clips from the guys at Shorescrew. Check out all the info below.

Doors open at 8 (the Brew Co is actually open all day and they have good food)
Sneak Preview begins at 9
After party starts at 10

Newport Beach Brewing Company
2920 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663

For more info go to ARNETTE.COM or SHORESCREW.COM