Yesterday @ WRV Va Beach. The …Lost & Arnette “MAYHEM” weekend went off with tons of giveaways, free hot dogs, …Lost Energy Drinks, an E Drink chugalug contest and a SurfSkate demo. Good times were had by all! All Photos: Chris Todd

I'll go left, you go right.
WRV was the spot.
...Lost truck.
The crew had a good selection of ...Lost Surfskates to demo, including the Juan Pablo Pro Model.
A couple of East Coast girls stoked on the scene.
Cooling off next to a cooler full of cold Lost Energy Drinks.
Some young ladies psyching on the Surf Skates.
WRV on the inside.
A new pair of Arnette shades and Lost Energy Drink....one happy grom.

Chris Todd and his crew, along with the good people from Arnette also threw a party at “The Boxx” in Virginia Beach on Thursday night. Here’s a few pics of the Mayhem!

People in Virginia Beach know how to party.
A thirsty crowd.
...Lost and Arnette together made for a rager.
This is when you order 2 drinks so you don't have to wait in line again for a while. Then you end up giving one of them away anyways.
A few East Coast girls hanging by the ...Lost banner.