9/21/2011: Contest is over. Kelly Slater defeats Owen Wright. This guy has won this contest 5 times now and 2nd twice… pretty amazing. This was also the first time in ASP history that the same two people have met in 3 consecutive finals. Julian Wilson made it to the semi-finals on his Mayhem shape before getting called on a controversial interference against Owen but not before he did some of the most explosive and progressive surfing of the contest. Mick Fanning rode a 5’11” Sub-Driver that Kolohe traded in all the way to the quarter-finals before losing in a count back to Owen. Kolohe Andino, Shane Beschen and Chris Ward also did some rather nice surfing in the Expression Session before the final. Our video guy was down there so there should be some highlights coming soon… To get complete resultsĀ CLICK HERE.

Here are the complete dims to the boards Julian and Mick were riding. Check out Mayhem’s Blog for more inside info about what these guys ride.

Julian Wilson rode two boards. The clown faced one he rode in the three man heat against Parko and Fannnig was a Driver 6’0.5 x 2.25 x 18.56. The Green one he rode most of the contest was a F1-Stub 6’1″ x 2.25 x 18.56

Mick Fanning rode an old Kolohe Andino board that was in the corner of Matt Biolos’ shaping room for 6 months. It’s a Sub Driver 5’11 18.88 2.25

Julian put his Mayhem shape in the air and on a rail to finish 3rd. HURLEYPRO

Julian Wilson. HURLEYPRO

Julian Wilson backside helped him a bit. HURLEYPRO

Julian slob airing his way to a semi-final finish. HURLEYPRO

It all starts with the bottom turn. HURLEYPRO

Frontside blowtail HURLEYPRO

Backside blowtail. HURLEYPRO

Mick Fanning on Kolohe’s 5’11” Sub-Driver. HURLEYPRO

Even Mick was getting into the air act. HURLEYPRO

Fanning was snapping. HURLEYPRO

Fanning puts it through the lip on a left. HURLEYPRO

Mick can throw spray. HURLEYPRO

Julian Wilson. Photo: ASPWORLDTOUR.COM

Fanning and Brother’s Sub-Driver. Photo: SURFERMAG.COM

Julian Wilson slob grabs his way to the semi-finals. Photo: SURFERMAG.COM

15 years after Crimo and Matteson starting doing these out at Lowers Julian Wilson takes it to the WT level. Josh Kerr did a pretty good one too. Photo: SURFERMAG.COM

9/20/2011: Round 3 and round 4 completed today.

Round 2 Update from Mayhem’s Blog.

I hate R2.

It’s the grave yard of a WT event. I didn’t go down there and opted to sort of watch online while shaping all day.

No good photos that I could find, but Davo vs Dan Ross (both on Mayhems) was excrutiating to watch. Both of them making bizarre strategic mistakes.

In the end Davo nipped Dan, and I think that’s for the best, as he looks like he could actually win a couple more heats if he puts it all together. He rode a 5’11 Whiplash in that heat and liked it better than the F1-Stub from R1.

Kieran P beat out Tiago in a battle of old school, traditional surfing. Kieran really loves that little Driver and I was impressed with him poping some tail out the back with his turns. He’s a competitor for sure.

Dusty got smashed by Jadson. He doesn’t look right just yet and has been out of the water since he got smashed in Tahiti. I bet he’s still hurting. At least he has a 6 pack of new Mayhems… In addition to all the boards he has from other shapers, to take to Europe.

Travis Logie got welcomed back to the WT with big slice of Gabriel Medina and went down fighting. The difference between their two bags of tricks is just too big.

The real highlight of the day for me was Mick coming to the factory and ordering a couple boards. He grabbed one of Kolohe’s old Magic Sub Drivers out of the shaping room, cleaned it up and went down last night and ripped the bags outta it. Mick’s boards are about the same length as KAs, but Kolohes board is over 1/2″ wider and has about 2 full liters more volume. He posted a shot of the board on his Twitter and calIed it the “Kolohe Fanning ” model. I dont expect him to be using it in heats or anything, but it’s fun to see guys like him take your board for a spin.

Today is R3 and we get to see Julian and Brett back in action and hope for the best.

Matt Biolos

Kolohe’s and now Fanning’s 5’11” Sub-Driver.

9/19/2011: Round 2 completed today in really small surf at Lower Trestles. Some tough and close heats. Chris Davidson won a nail bitter against Dan Ross. Both guys were riding their Mayhem shapes in the small conditions. Davo commented afterwards that he was happy to find out that he’s not the only one to make mistakes in heats after a tactical error cost Ross. Conner Coffin kinda got ripped in his heat against Ace Buchan. The Brazilians put on a show in the small lefts with Gabriel Medina and Jadson Andre stealing the show with some crazy airs on the lefts. Round 3 tomorrow possibly.

Dusty Payne blew tail but fell short. Photo: SURFLINE.COM/Klein

Kieren Perrow carved his way to victory over Dan Ross on his Mayhem shape (Dan was also on a Mayhem). Photo: SURFLINE.COM/Klein

Kolohe Andino has a slide show going on STABMAG.COM.

The first round of the 2011 Lowers WT contest was held yesterday is small and inconsistent waves at Trestles. Julian Wilson was the standout of the day posting two 8 + waves on the tiny lefts that were coming through on his Mayhem shaped board. Check some of the photos below.

Julian Wilson was the standout yesterday scoring two 8 point scores on the small lefts. Photo: SURFLINE.COM/Klein

Here’s the day one update from Mayhem’s Blog

JW Slayed it. Paddled out and got a 8.6 and a 8.9 in about 2 minutes. Brand new F1-Stub he picked up on Saturday. Highest heat and wave scores of the day. Check the Heat review on the Hurley Pro site… very impressive on the small left.

Brett Simpson: 6’1 18.63″ 2.32 Whiplash. Updated from the one he rode in NY. He won his heat. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Brett Simpson. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Dusty rode a 6’0 F1-Stub but really only rode one wave. He’s got a tough R2 heat ahead of him. I saw his leg. Its pretty torn up still.

Watching the video highlights, Davo had a good rhythm going and a couple waves but dug a nose on his best one. He rode an F1-Stub, but wants a Whiplash or two “like Taj’s mate”. He says “I need to throw more tail mate”. He wants a narrower nose now.

Travis Logie picked up a couple boards on Friday night. Hadn’t made him a board in years. He really loved the 5’9 18.13 2.09 Driver and looked like a pro surfer on those tiny rights he caught. He’s got a damn tall order though in R2… Gabe Medina in tiny Lowers… scary.

Kieren Perrow. Also on a Driver… about 5’10 18.25 2.18 (foiled out). Kieren is a lot like Davo…. the old style classic pro surfer type. He surfed well but also needs to “toss a bit more tail” if he wants to stay in this game.

Kolohe Andino, textbook, timeless carve (could be Taylor Knox in this shot). Early AM pre contest warm up. The kid is amped. He cant wait to be on tour. He watched and studied heat after heat. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Taj had been ripping all week on a couple radical little boards we did, but opted for his old favorite FW in his heat. So fun working with him though. Hung out with his shaper Nev for a while… very under rated designer that red head is. Big Dan Ross also had a fresh Driver, but couldn’t seem to stay on his feet. R2 right now. I hate being down there for that… don’t like to be there when anyone goes down in that round… The Flyin’ Brazilians are gonna be going looney today.

Julian warming up. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Brett Simpson with some fans. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Ace Buchan stuck to his old faithful but sampled a few at Lowers on his backup Mayhem during the warm-ups. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Brett Simpson was also using his …Lost Future fins. Photo: HURLEY.COM

Julian snapping. Photo: HURLEY.COM

The board room. Photo: HURLEY.COM