LOST.TV – Mason Ho rides a 5’8″ …Lost Sub-Scorcher swallow-tail with Hydroflex Technology during two session at Newport and T-Street. Basically the board has no stringer and you can fill it with air with this bike pump. By changing the air pressure you can change the flex of the board. More air pressure = less flex. Less air pressure = more flex. Mason didn’t put very much air into the board before he rode it. Video by Joe Alani.

Here’s a better explanation below from HYDROFLEX-SURFBOARDS.COM. Check their site for more info on this new surfboard technology.

A stringerless flexible board construction:
The stringerless design delivers optimal flex characteristics. The patented structure provides outstanding strength omitting the need for additional stabilizing elements.
3-Dimensional Glassing:

The conventional two-dimensional adhesion surface is replaced by a 3-dimensional bonding structure, thus multiplying the bonding surface and strength between resin, cloth and core. The patented lamination process avoids delamination by anchoring the laminate into the foam core like tree roots in the ground.

A chargeable blank retains its shape under load:

Flex characteristics are steplessly adjustable by changing internal pressure and can be fine tuned according to surfer and wave conditions. The shape will absolutely retain its geometry and precision even under heaviest load.