Mauli Ola Foundation Surf Experience day

This past Saturday August 7th the …Lost crew and team riders Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican, Theo Lewitt, and Josh Stone amongst a team of others were on the sand in Redondo Beach to help out with the Mauli Ola Foundation Surf Experience day. The crew and riders were there to help kids and adults with Cystic Fibrosis learn how to surf and enjoy the water.

The kids and other participants were stoked, and all had a good time playing around and trying to make the best of the tiny surf. The parents were cheering watching the riders take turns pushing the kids and others into waves and helping them enjoy the surf.

Check out all the pictures from the event here

For more info on the Mauli Ola Foundation and how you can get involved visit thier web site here

The set up on the sand
...Lost team riders Josh Sone and Theo Lewitt giving a little lesson before hitting the surf
...Lost team rider Aaron Cormican was on hand to help the groms shred
Divel lending a push to help her get her drop knee turn perfected

the Mauli Ola foundation Surf Experience day Redondo Becah 2010