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CLICK HERE to watch the latest and exclusive video from Featuring Mason Ho surfing above, over and onto some nasty looking rocks. He’s wearing our “Blobs” boardshorts from the Resin Works collection. Here’s some word from Mason regarding the segment.

side notes
– 2 days in May. North Shore Oahu
– on my sister Coco’s surfboard. (the thickest one i could find)
– no size of board.. im guessing 4’11 – 5’4 (had some funny gurth)
– had to leave the grip pad on so coco wouldnt snap at me. i wont get too into it but personally and honestly i did not like using it and will never do it again… unless on coco’s board.
– was gonna release MhOVIE pt.2 next but… now thats going up after i get home from brazil for that prime.
– last side note im thinking… prob shouldnt say
– filmed by rory pringle