We just got back from a trip to Mexico with Chris Ward. He went down there to score a rumored south swell and meet up with Kolohe Andino to get some clips for our upcoming movie – WARd Stories. The waves were there but the wind was a steady onshore. Check out the photos from the trip in the Chris Ward in Mexico photo gallery.

Chris Ward is a seasoned traveler (especially to Mexico) and we always pick up some handy tips from him during our adventures around the globe. Here are some tips we learned from him on this last trip to Mexico.

1) LET AIR OUT OF THE TIRES: When your two wheel drive rent-a-car gets stuck in the sand trying to get to the surf spot all you have to do is let a bunch of air out from the tires. Chris is really good at getting stuck cars out of soft sand.

2) BRING SOMETHING FOR THE LOCALS:  Some stickers and a pair of boardshorts will stoke out the locals and get you more waves. Plus, it’s just good karma.

3) MILITARY CHECK POINTS: Good thing we don’t smoke because they were searching for crumbs.

4) NIGHT DRIVING: Don’t do it. Cows are not light and fluffy like a cactus.

5) SPANISH: Learn a few short phrases before you go, it’s sure to go a long way. When all else fails just speak in English really slowly and hope they understand.