8/8/2011: First off, we would like to apologize to the section of the surfing public that actually gets their ASP news from us for not updating this story in a timely fashion. Here’s what went down from our perspective since we wrote this story over two weeks ago. We picked up Michael and Derek Ho during an 8 hour layover in L.A. to hand off some new boards and get a bite to eat. They seemed like two kids heading to the local NSSA contest. Derek remarked how his brother’s division was a “walk through” and that he had to surf against Curren and Pottz. It was pretty inspiring (and somewhat intimidating) to see how stoked these guys were to be going on another surf trip to compete in a another contest after achieving basically everything there is to achieve in professional surfing. Of course, these guys still surf 12 foot Pipeline so go figure. The waves at the contest ended up being really small… really small. Derek had a couple shocker heats in the small surf (what do you expect, he’s used to surfing Pipe) but brother Michael “walked through” the early rounds winning every heat until the quarter-finals where he had a shocker of his own against Simon Anderson. Despite their unexpected exits from the contest and the tiny waves we’re sure they had the time of their lives – surfing.

…Lost rider and living surf legend Michael Ho will be competing in the invite only 2011 ASP World Masters event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week. He won the ¬†event (and just about every other event ever held) in 2000 and is looking to repeat the feat again this year. He’s in the third heat of the Grand Masters division against Ian Cairns and Simon Anderson. It’s kinda funny to think that Simon will probably be riding a thruster (he did invent it) and now Michael only rides quads. The fin debate continues. We can’t wait to watch this one. Michael’s brother and 1993 World Champion Derek Ho is also competing in the Masters division. He said his division is way harder than Mike’s.

To watch the contest live CLICK HERE

Here are just a few of Mike’s stats we dug up on the internet.

– Finalist 1972 World Amateur Championships in Ocean Beach, CA – Age 15
– 1977 Sutherland Pro Champion (first pro event held at Trestles)
– 1978 Finishes 3rd in IPS World Ratings
– 1982 Duke Classic Champion
– 1982 Pipeline Masters Champion (with broken arm)
– World Cup of Surfing Champion (Sunset Beach) 1983, 1984, 1985
– Triple Crown Champion 1983 and 1985
– ASP Top 16 for 10 consecutive years
– 2nd Place 1997 Pipe Masters (age 40)
– Countless ASP wins
– Perennial Eddie Aikau Invite