If you love that comfy feel of 4-Way stretch boardshorts but don’t want to walk around in them all day then our new “Seabanger” hybrid walkshorts could be your solution. We combined our light and soft 4-Way stretch material and added all the features and functions of our walkshorts. Perfect on hot days, in the tropics or after a surf session – and they’re still water proof in case anything happens. Let’s just say you happen to have a long night out in Miami and then you head straight to the beach because the biggest Hurricane Swell in 7 years is hitting South Beach but once you get to the beach you realize you forgot your trunks back at the hotel. Instead of paddling out naked in front of 50 cameras while the grom tagging along with you runs back to the hotel and grabs your trunks you can still surf in our “Seabanger” hybrids without everyone seeing your junk. To find out where you can get a pair go to our DEALER LOCATOR

Comes in grey, blue and brown color ways.

Button and draw string options.

Velcro sealed pocket…

and zipper sealed back pockets.

Meshed pockets so you don’t reach into a hand full of sand.

Belt loop option with …Lost patch.

Subtle …Lost eclipse logo.

If Chris would have been wearing our new “Seabanger” hybrid walkshorts this would have never had to happen.