The “Squeegee” boardshorts are part of our new “Resin Works Collection”: graphic, print and color direction inspired by the polyester resin saturated colors of The Lucky Bastards and the …lost surfboard factory. For spring we have transformed these individual looks into a range of our products: boardshorts, knits, woven shirts, tees and SurfSkates. A new favorite of Mason Ho who digs the psychedelic swirls and the comfy feel of 4-way stretch feel. Watch this video of Mason at the 2:00 min mark talk to chicks and test them out to the tunes of Hendrix. To find out where you can get a pair of these boardshorts go to our Dealer Locator.

IMG_5808 copy

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 2.00.38 PM

The “Bottom Feeder” board from The Lucky Bastards that inspired these boardshorts.