The new …Lost Sub-Scorchers with FST Technology from Firewire are now available at fine shops across the USA. Check out the list of shops below that carry the new model from …Lost and Firewire surfboards. Photo: Andrew Gesler on his …Lost FST Sub-Scorcher – Incitti

Here’s Matt Biolos and Kolohe Andino’s take on the Sub-Scorcher design.

“I wanna board for ‘mush’. Something short and wide, but still a hi performance shortboard….something like Dane’s board”, Kolohe Andino.

The challenge was laid down. Starting with the old Speed Demon design, we squashed the dims to 5’6″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 3/16″, lowered the entry rocker and shallowed out the concave through the center to straighten the rail line (for drive) and made it easier to lay such a wide platform over on a rail. Voila! Our stubbiest shortboard yet, but it still carves like a real board. Kolohe wanted to call it “The Trashcan Lid” because you don’t need to go dumpster diving to get one of these.

FST Technology: FST relies primarily on the PARABOLIC Balsa Rail to control flex while the high density aerospace composite vacuumed to both top and bottom decks provides significant impact strength, and is stronger than the traditional PU surfboard. Please note our boards are definitely not indestructible and if slammed by a thick lip, or if you land incorrectly in the flats after doing an aerial, it is possible to break them.

The Parabolic Balsa Rail features 12mm balsa built from 3 x 4mm strips, which as mentioned not only control flex and add strength, but also act as a buffer against rail dings. Furthermore, the long-term flex memory supplied by the balsa rails ensures boards maintain their lively feel for longer.

With a retail price point slightly above premium polyurethane surfboards, FST offers an extremely high performance, durable surfboard.

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