New …Lost SurfSkates

Here’s a couple new models of our …Lost SurfSkates to play with.

The KA Scorcher – Designed with specific input from teen prodigy and Mayhem team rider Kolohe Andino. It’s based on the same performance principles as a park longboard, meaning Kolohe told us he wanted a “deck with a surfboard template, but with a real skateboard shovel nose that we can actually do ollies on and really skate with,” not just a carver. By combining the Scorcher template with a modern full kick nose and tail slightly longer than normal wheelbase and deck mold, and Kolohe’s self created bottom graphics and grip design, we’ve created a functional crossover of skate/surf culture.

The Rocket – The break out …Lost surfboard model of the last few years. The “Rocket” surfskate is quickly making a name for itself on the asphalt. Graphics and outline taken straight from an actual Mayhem shaped surfboard. Features retro deck curves and “Bottle Rock-it” beer opening technology to make sure that you can get your rocker launched without ever getting wet.

Rock Up – The Rock-Up takes a rigid and flat downhill-inspired deck, then widens it out for a fatter, more mellow surf-inspired outline. The result is a board that can cruise for miles. Bottom and top graphics collected from Mayhem’s latest surf trip to Indo.

Scorcher – Inspired by the “Scorcher” surfboard. The “Camber/Rocker” combo flex mold takes a classic looking longboard outline and ads a deep concave and snappy flex that makes it a blast for pump carving and flying down hills, but still allows for quick, snappy kick turns.

Uber Plank – Built off the same rocker mold as the KA Scorcher, but is a big, wide barefoot cruiser. Featuring full deck surf traction with a black sheep icon, just for fun. The graphic is from a photo directly off Mayhem’s personal UberPlank that we also made into a board short. This one has big soft Scorchers wheels and Stealth trucks.

Mini-Gun – Not a longboard or a cruiser, but a Mini-Gun! Performs best on a wide canvas at a high speed, but it isn’t so gunny that you can’t stomp on the tail and turn on a dime if needed. Chris Ward bottom turn graphic.

Mini-Gun Swallow – The Mini-Gun’s fiesty little brother. It uses the same wheelbase and pulled in outline as it’s sibling, but combines them with our new “No-Rocker” mold.