THE BOTTOM FEEDER – This pocket rocket excels in dredges of the paved world… In leaf filled ditches (see pics below from the one behind our office), on neglected sidewalks and cracked, broken asphault. Asymmetrical eight and nine inch paired trucks allow for sharp, surf-inspired pumps to generate speed. Screen printed grip tape and actual photographed surfboard graphics bring this surfboard progeny straight to the streets. To check out all our other …Lost SurfSkate models CLICK HERE

Pearson Castner – Our assistant surfskate merchandiser (official office title but basically him and Biolos come up with all the surfskates) about to take the drop in the leaf filled ditch behind our office on the Bottom Feeder.

Pearson's not exactly Danny Way.

Pearson taking the big drop out back.

Pearson pulling a one-footer. He asked us to photoshop his foot onto the board but we're just gonna leave it. Check below for some other famous one footers.

Curren pulled a pretty sick one footer in The Search video.

…and Ward pulled one in ours.

Grand Canyon One-Footer

Heather Mills

Captain Ahab