New Hawaiian style …Lost woven shirts from our Summer 2012 line of clothing. Every surfer from the Duke to Spicoli to Gorkin have had one of these shirts in their wardrobe. Musicians like “Dirty J” from the Dirty Heads has been spotted wearing them this summer. Comes in four different style ways – see them below. To find out where you can get one of these shirts go to our DEALER LIST

Jared “Dirty J” Watson from Dirty Heads performs in our “Lost At Sea” woven shirt.

You don't have to be sipping on Mai Tais to wear this shirt.

Nice and airy so you can wear it while being the lead singer of a band.

Gorkin in the “Lost At Sea” woven.

Gorkin wishing he was on the “Lost At Sea” surf trip. At least he can wear the shirt.

100% comfy cotton.

Nate Yeomans accepts the Expression Session award at the Bud Light Lime contest in Oceanside wearing our “Pearl Driver” shirt.

Nate wasn't on the Lost At Sea trip either but he was on a trip to Indo with Ward once.

Yeomans enjoys a beer on the beach in our “Pearl Driver” shirt.

The dog days of summer call for a cool shirt.

The most iconic surfer of all time wore the Aloha shirt proudly.

The other most iconic surfer of all time wore his with a tie.

Our “Hot Kava” woven shirt in indigo color way.

“Hot Kava” in brown.

“Say Captain” woven tee in light blue.

“Say Captain” in grey.

“Pearl Driver” also comes in yellow.

As well as aqua.

“Lost At Sea” woven in blue color way.

“Lost At Sea” in green.