“LOCALS ONLY” – This tee comes from our Summer 2012 line of …Lost clothing (insert Jaws music here). Inspired by the gnarliest locals you'll find in the world. Not every surfer fears heavy locals but they all fear the man in the grey suit. Your worst nightmare actually looks great when we put it on the front of a tee. 50% cotton/50% polyester for the light airy feel. To find out where to get your own …Lost “Locals Only” tee CLICK HERE

Mason Ho showing off one of his new board while wearing our “Locals Only” tee. This board was made for his upcoming trip to Africa, home to a lot of these kinds of locals.

Being the son of Hawaiian surf legend Michael Ho has probably allowed Mason to surf a few “Locals Only” spots.

Gorkin enjoying another cold one in his …Lost “Locals Only” tee. Growing up in New Smyrna Beach (shark bite capital of the world) he's had more than a few run-ins with the locals of the area.

Other heavy locals:

Johnny Utah meets the locals.

Blue Crush locals.

North Shore locals.

Charcoal color way

Platinum color way

Blue color way

Turquoise color way.

Comes as a tank top too.