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7/3/10: The 2010 NSSA National Championships have come to an end! Taking first and the title in the open Mens was Kaimana Jaquias who edged out and on fire Conner Coffin in the last minute for the win. Keala Nahie took first place in the open juniors division, and Kanoa Igarashi took the title in open boys. Lakey Peterson took the win in open womens, after an interference call on Nage Melamed who was in first until the last 20 secsonds of her heat. The level of surfing from all the competitors in the HB windslop was amazing and it was a tough competition to try and push through!

7/3/10 Update: …Lost team rider Ian Gentil made it to the Semi Finals of the open juniors but just wasn’t able to get into the rythm he has had all week and wasn’t able to get the scores he needed to advance himself to the finals. He surfed great all week long and was blowing minds with beyond vertical turns and air attacks throught the event.

7/3/10 Update: …Lost team rider Ian Gentil surfed this morning in the open mens quarter finals but just couldn’t find the waves he needed to make the push into the semi finals, while Keanu Asing and Kaimana Jaquais took first and second advancing to the semi’s. Ian Gentil is surfing back to back heats trying to advance through to the Finals of the open juniors as well.

7/2/10 Update: Ian Gentil made it through round 3 and has advanced to the quarter finals of the Open Mens! Look for him to try and make a push for the title. Colin Deveze surfs at 2:40 pm in the open boys quarter finals with a talent packed heat.

7/2/10 Update: Colin Deveze surfed a great heat but just missed the score he needed to advance to the semi finals of open boys. …Lost team rider Ian Gentil has been on fire this week, advancing to the quarter finals of the open mens, and taking first in the quarter final of the open juniors and advancing to the semi finals. Tune in tomorrow as the rest of the competition slugs it out for the nationals title.

7/2/10 Update: Ian Gentil takes first place in round 2 moving him into round 3 along with Dale Tim! Ian surfs again this afternoon around 4:00 pm in the open juniors quarter finals. Also look for Colin Deveze to blow up in his heat this afternoon around 2:00 pm during the open boys quaterfinals!

7/2/10 Update: Ian Gentil surfs in Open Mens at 10:00 am against Scott Weinhardt, Derrick Disney, and Dale Tim. Colin Deveze also advanced through round one yesterday and surfs in the open boys quarter finals later this afternoon. Look for updates from the beach and another batch of photos later this afternoon from the …Lost crew on the beach at the contest.

The NSSA National championships have begun in Huntington Beach Southside of the pier. The event kicked off Tuesday morning and goes until Saturday afternoon when the finals will be held. …Lost team riders Ian Gentil and Colin Deveze have advanced through their round one heats. South bay local …Lost team rider Theo Lewitt surfed a good heat but couldn’t find the waves to squeak through. The level of talent at this year’s nationals is pretty insane with some heavy standouts looking to make a run for the title! Be sure to tune in live this weekend when they run the finals of the divisions.

Look for the …Lost tent and crew hanging down on the sand cheering on the kids, hanging on the “team” couch, amping up the groms with energy drinks, and having some fun while watching the boys and girls rip their way through and battle for the nationals title!

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