So Gorkin got word via Twitter from Kelly Slater that he was in the trials for the Quiksilver Pro New York. ┬áSeeing as how he was also entered in the ECSC in Virginia Beach the week before the NY event, Gorkin decided to make a road trip up the coast to both events. Surfing a contest and staying in a powerless hotel in Virginia Beach when Irene hit, getting waves in New Jersey after the hurricane passed, ┬ámaking occasional stops at drive thru liquor stores, and surfing in the trials of the first ever World Tour contest in New York, it’s safe to say that this was an interesting trip. Although he didn’t make it to the main event of the Quiksilver Pro, Gorkin did manage to win the most innovative maneuver in the expression session with a heavy backside tail blow. We posted these photos to give you a look into an East Coast road trip through the eyes of Gorkin.

Good luck message.
...Lost pays tribute to the East Coast.
Final destination...New York!!
Life through Gorkin's Arnettes is a pretty smooth road.
Gorkin's nephew ripping.
Lots of bridges to cross going up the coast.
What a better time to go on an East Coast surf trip.
Only a ...Lost team rider knows the feeling.
Jeff Myers, Brett Barley, and Fisher Heverly blazing in the sun.
Is there one of these in Australia??? Chopper goes to one in the Australian film "Chopper".
The boys having a hurricane party in Virginia Beach.
East Coast beauty.
Ready to rip New Jersey
Watching some post Irene clips.
Rest stop.
Gorkin, Joe Alani, and Jeff Myers enjoying some frosty ones.
Why wouldn't you??
Road trip quiver.
The camp for NY.
Gorkin's hero...Not TIM Curran, TOM CURREN!!!
Ahhh... the luxury of pro surfing.
Don't jump off a bridge at 3am.
World Tour entry form...probably feels good to fill one of these out for the first time.
Gorkin on the Long Beach, NY boardwalk.
The waves were junk for the trials, but Gorkin killed it in the expression session.
Chatting with TJ Gumiela and Jeff Myers before the expression session.
Gorkin made some new fans in New York!