Chris Yergens at Sebastian Inlet. Photo: Chris Wilson easternsurf.com.

As Hurricane Irene spun up the East Coast, most people were boarding up their windows and running for cover. But some core East Coast surfers, on the other hand, were waxing up their boards and driving the coast looking for the best waves that they could possibly find! We found these photos of some …Lost team riders and some other surfers who ride …Lost surfboards ripping in the midst of disaster. In other words, here’s our friends surfing Hurricane Irene. Our view of Irene.

Blake Burns pulling in at Reef Road. Photo: Nicola Lugo easternsurf.com.

Baron Knowlton at Reef Road. Photo: Greg Panas easternsurf.com.

Baron standing straight up at Reef Road. Photo: Daniel Goldin easternsurf.com.

Baron in a wide one. Photo: Jesse Wicker surfline.com.

Blake Jones pulling in at Sebastian Inlet. Photo: Ryan Gamma surfline.com.

Blake pulling in from a different angle. Photo: Jason Hines surfline.com.

Blake’s brother Justin Jones laying down a mean hack. Photo: Ryan Gamma surfline.com.

Justin laying back. Photo: surfline.com.

Justin snapping on his Mayhem. Photo: MBCatalyst.com. surfingthemag.com.

Andrew Doheny feeling like he’s surfing a good day back home in Newport..only he’s on the other side of the continent. Photo: Mike Incitti surfline.com.

Chris Yergens throwing down the turn of the day at Sebastian Inlet. Sequence: Mez easternsurf.com.

Andrew Gesler boosting in New Jersey. Photo: Rich Mcmullin easternsurf.com.

Old school …Lost artist Drew Brophy slashing somewhere in the Carolinas. Photo: Gregory Letts easternsurf.com.

Jamie Moran getting slotted. Photo: Trevor Moran easternsurf.com.

Ian Bloch pig dogging through a New Jersey pit. Photo: Bloch

Ian Bloch feeling right at home. Photo: Trevor Moran surfline.com.

Marshall Alberga slashing at Sebastian Inlet. Photo: Mez easternsurf.com.

Marshall, Harry Sack, and a wounded soldier. Photo: Mez easternsurf.com.

Nomad Surf Shop’s Ryan Heavyside on a gem at Reef Road. Photo: Mark Hill easternsurf.com.

…Lost featured artist Matt Bender likes to surf big waves in Hawaii and also gets pitted at Spanish House on a regular basis. Photo: Dugan easternsurf.com.

Shea Lopez went straight from announcing the ECSC in Virginia Beach to Daytona Pier, Florida and scored some left shacks. Photo: Duce Smith easternsurf.com.

Shea pulling in to another Daytona Beach nugget. Photo: AJ Neste surfline.com.

Melbourne Beach’s Harry Sack on a heavy one! Photo: MBCatalyst.com. surfingthemag.com.

Hopper doesn’t only get barreled in Mexico. Irene sent some shacks to Ponce Inlet, and Hopper was on it. Photo: AJ Neste surfline.com.

Tommy Inhken at home in New Jersey. Photo: Ryan Mack easternsurf.com.

Gorkin met up with Tommy and got some fun waves in New Jersey. Although Tommy told him, “You shoulda been here yesterday.” Well…..this was yesterday. Photo: Ryan Mack surfline.com.

Tommy got such good waves that the New Jersey Police figured he needed to pay the city for his sick session. Photo: Ryan Mack surfline.com.