OX HEALS – Watch him crash!

Got to keep it flowin

Well, the multi discipline motohead, Jeff “OX” Kargola hurt himself again. But he’s already healing on up.. During the last LOORS short course truck race OX got bumped on the truck’s tail quarterpanel causing him to spin around in a 360 down the landing of the jump. When he came to a stop he had just enough time to look up and see a fellow driver barreling down at him full speed. Physics was not on his side as the oncoming truck “T-Boned” OX’s truck and basically folded the cab in on him.. The medics pulled OX out of the truck and while nothing was broken, there was some severe bruising.. OX being the typical tough guy shined away from a trip to the hospital. This would later almost cost him his leg. After consistent badgering from friends like Cameron Steele, Jeff headed into San Clemente hospital for a quick once over. The doctors diagnosed OX with “Compartment Syndrome” and rushed him straight into surgery. Bottom line is they said if he waited any longer to come in, he might have lost his leg. Thanks to the docs, and thanks to Cameron for playing big brother once again. Jeff has since left the hospital and should be making a full recovery. Jeff’s truck sponsor General Tire has some choice words for the crew of the Superlite truck race program. Drop a comment of well wishes for OX at the bottom then hit the link on Compartment Syndrome to learn more about it.